Amber Plan

We are pleased to present to you our plan benefit summary and how the Savings Accounts operate. Detailed information on the benefits is obtainable from our membership guide and or the benefit limits.



Medical Savings Accounts

This covers foreign and local primary care and outpatient treatment e.g. Doctors consultation, prescription drugs from the available balances. This also covers in-hospitalisation benefits.

Shortfall Cover

Where the available balance in members’ savings account is not sufficient the shortfall cover will make up the difference. Shortfall cover will be awarded if member has used up to annual savings balance.

Insured Benefit Cover

This will cover all high cost treatment benefits e.g. in hospital treatment, specialist treatment, laboratory and radiology, chronic illnesses [cancer, kidney failure, HIV / AIDS treatment, ARVs etc.)
Member benefits are per membership year, they are effective the date the member/beneficiary joins the Fund. These benefits are paid up to an annual global limit. If the global limit is exhausted, the member pays the difference.
First Mutual Health, reserves the right to recommend members and or beneficiaries to a less expensive treatment where benefit usage is excessive


• Paid in full at AHFoZ rates up to a two bedded ward in a Private Hospital
• Paid in full in a Government, mission or municipal hospital up to a Private Ward
• In-hospital drugs are paid for in full
• Members on this plan are fully covered on MARS for life threatening conditions only
• All life threatening emergency admissions are fully covered
• General practitioners are paid in full at AHFoZ rates with an additional shortfall insurance cover
• Blood Transfusion Services
• Pathology & Radiology Services at Private, Mission or
• Government institutions
• Private or Government Specialist treatment services


• Paid in full at AHFoZ rates and there is shortfall insurance cover on the benefit
• Caters for delivery, hospitalisation and maternity care. Ante-and-post-natal visits are limited to 9 & 5 months respectively antenatal Ultra-sound Scans are limited to 2 per pregnancy.


• Paid for in full up to annual optical limit at First Mutual Health Rates and thereafter every 2 years
• The optical benefit is accessed after pre-authorisation by the Fund
• The fund has agreements with a wide range or service providers


• The drug benefit is a family annual drug limit and covers registered beneficiaries of First Mutual Health at the Fund’s rate.
• The Fund has a drug facility arrangement with a wide range of pharmacies countrywide.
• Over the counter drugs are not covered under the drug benefit


• Awards are paid in full at the Fund’s rates up to annual dental limit
• It covers preventive and general dentistry including fillings, inlays, root treatment, crowns, bridges, implants and orthodontic treatment at the Fund’s rates


• Awards are paid up to an annual limit in full
• Internal prosthetics
• External prosthetics
• Hearing and repairs
• Nebulisers
• Ostomy bags
• Miscellaneous appliances
• Lifetime Limits
• Glucometers
• Hearing Aids


• Covers consultation by a specialist psychiatrist and is paid in full up to global limit


• Covers Clinical psychology, Social Work, Physiotherapy,
• Occupational and Speech Therapy. Awards are paid up to an annual limit
• Awards are paid up to rehabilitative services annual limit


• It covers Osteopathy, Homeopathy, Chiropractic, Chiropody and Naturopathy where the suppliers are registered under the Alternative Therapies Act


• Treatment not available in Zimbabwe paid in full up to limit. Pre-authorization is needed.


• It is available to members & non-members of the Fund on application


• Available to students from High School, Vocational training centres, technical and Teachers colleges through to university


First Mutual Health Chronic Disease covers all ailments e.g. Kidney Failure, Cancer, and HIV/AIDS and ARVS
• Note – members are required to seek pre-authorisation before accessing the benefit


• Awards are paid up to an annual limit
• Homes Providing Constant Nursing Care
• Homes for the disabled
• Road and Air Evacuation in Zimbabwe
• Inter- and intra-hospital transfer
• Family planning


Subject to waiver at the Fund’s discretion, the following benefits have waiting periods. Waiting periods are imposed on members joining the fund for the first time or with a lapse on membership. Waivers may be granted to members transferring from an AHFoZ affiliated Medical Aid business upon presentation of a certificate.

List of Waiting Periods

Four Months

• Admission or treatment at a hospital (in-hospital)
• Specialist treatment
• Upgrading to a higher plan
• MRI, CT Scans and nuclear medicine

Nine Months

• Maternity benefit

Ten (10) Months

• Homes providing constant nursing care
• Specialist foreign treatment (pre-authorisation required)

Eighteen (18) Months [1 year6 months]

• Internal prosthetic devices
• Haemodialysis
• Chemotherapy
• Chronic disease add-on

Forty-Eight Months [Four Years]

• Orthodontic treatment
• Ex-gratia drug award
• Periodontics